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I'm interested in planning an event. Where do I start?

Taking the first steps towards event planning can be a challenge! Reaching out to others is a great start, and you've already done that if you found your way here. On top of providing audio-visual entertainment, a DJ also acts as the emcee (master of ceremonies) for the event. It is important to have all of the event staff on thanenomeae same page, which is why I make it a priority to coordinate with the event staff to make sure the entire evening runs smoothly. I also offer some basic wedding planning advice to help you organize the evening. If you want more information, just click the link below and we can set up a time to chat!

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What services do you provide?

Music is obviously one of the most important aspects of hosting a successful event, which is why I tailor the music preferences individually for each event. I also offer lighting (both dancefloor and uplighting), emcee services, ceremony/cocktail hour music, wireless microphones, planning advice, guaranteed service, early arrival, and much more! You should have access to everything you want at your event, which is why all services can be included at no extra charge.

How much do you charge for an event?

No two events are exactly the same, so pricing can vary from event to event. For weddings, I charge based on the entire event instead of hourly, even if it runs a little over. That way, you get all the services you want for the entire day, and there are no hidden fees! All travel costs, setup time, and the rest of the "little things" are all covered on my end, so you are just paying for the entertainment itself.

What equipment do you use for your events?

Poor equipment can ruin a great evening. That's why I choose to use only name-brand, top of the line equipment for all my events. My standard audio setup includes QSC K12 speakers and a QSC KW181 subwoofer with Behringer audio board and Shure wireless microphones. My American DJ lights and Pioneer DJ controller are operated through my MacBook Pro. Rest assured, your event will look and sound fantastic!

What if you miss an event?

To date, I have never missed an event for ANY reason, and I certainly hope to continue that trend; however, I recognize that accidents are never planned. If there is an emergency situation, I have someone on standby who will be able to get to the event and set up the speakers. I would send them the full list of requested music, and they would be able to provide sound for the event. If this were to occur, you would not be required to pay for the event. Again, I don't anticipate this ever happening, but you are still guaranteed service. 

How do I book your DJ services?

If you are ready to take the next step, I definitely recommend setting up a time to meet and talk either in person or over video chat. If you decide you are ready to book, I have a contract we both sign and ask for a $100 deposit. The remaining balance does not need to be paid until the event date itself. Once I have the contract and deposit, you are fully booked for the event and we will work out details along the way. 

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